Zombie Carnage 2 is a 32 player first person shooter where you will play both as a human and zombie. By killing zombies and infecting humans you will permanently level up, unlock weapons, attachments, zombie classes and more.

A zombie being targeted with a rifle.

Dozens of weapons
Dozens of attachments

As you level up, you will unlock new weapons. By using them you will be able to unlock attachments, such as sights, suppressors, compensators, grips, extended mags, different ammo types, stocks and more to customize each weapon to your style.

A human jumping in the air while shooting their shotgun.

Sharpen your claws
Find some brains

When you get infected, you will play as a zombie. Choose among many zombie classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

A wide shot of a house and landscape. FPS counter is visible and displaying 239 FPS.

Highly Optimized

Zombie Carnage 2 is a competitive game and we want everybody to be able to enjoy it. You can expect great performance regardless of your PC. The minimum system requirements are needed in order to launch the game.

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Zombie Carnage has over 10 years of history
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  • Skill required

    You will have to use your skill to protect yourself from zombies — building hideouts, planting laser mines, grenades that generate force fields, and mainly with good aim.;

  • Saving...

    All your progress is saved. From any computer with your username, you continue from the same point.

  • Weapons. Big ones.

    Choose from the available arsenal. From large weapons, to very large weapons. Additionally, fire grenades, thermally guided missiles, and laser mines.

  • Nothing like being #1

    Compete with the rest of the players to be first. You will find a ranking according to level and resets, zombies killed, humans infected and more.

  • Levels, Resets and more

    You will progress from level 1 to level 300. Eventually, you will be able to reset back to level 1 in order to gain damage and gold upgrades.

  • New Content

    We constantly update the game by adding new content such as weapons, classes, game modes, maps, and most importantly: skins.

Minimum requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 10 or 11 (64 bits)
ProcessorDual Core 64 bits
Memory4GB RAM
Graphics CardNvidia: 400 series or newer
AMD: HD 5000 series or newer
Intel Integrated: 3rd gen CPUs
AMD Integrated: APUs
Storage20 GB

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